Technology can be daunting! Let us help you weed through all the technical jargon of both hardware and software. Help for now and to be ready for the future. Since we do not sell systems, We can assist you in acquiring the technology name of your choice. We recommend Hewlett Packard but can help in obtaining any brand.

The majority of problems today are caused by software. Viruses, spy ware, mal ware and programs being installed or de installed incorrectly. We can positively identify the root cause of your failure and recommend the appropriate action. If your problem does turn out to be hardware, We can determine that and recommend either repair or replacement.


Do you want a web site but don't have a clue. We can help. Is the name you want already gone (most are), We can provide you with any name you want as a sub domain of our business portals.


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     We provide the highest quality at the lowest price using free open source software and components wherever possible. From Linux to OpenOffice to free web templates. We can even get you a jump start on "Cloud Computing". Send us your contact info and we'll get in touch.

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Use the information contained in these sources at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any negative impact on your PC or your data!

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                                                 DATA RECOVERY
      Storage devices use directory's or index's to keep track of the location of data. When you delete something, the space that data occupied is made available to be written to. The actual data is not destroyed. That space may be written to Immediately or a year later. If a storage device becomes inaccessible or a flash memory card out of a camera is accidentally erased the data could still be there. The key is to not have any activity on the device. The less activity on the device the more data you can recover.

The single most important thing you can do is backup you data. You are playing with fire to trust a mechanical device. The backup options are many. What You use to backup your data is directly related to how much you got. External hard drives, thumb drives and online sites are the most popular.